8 Easy Tips For Relocating to Lakewood

8 Easy Tips For Relocating to Lakewood

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  • 11/29/22

Adjacent to the lovely White Rock Lake in Northeast Dallas, the enclave of Lakewood teems has all one could want in a neighborhood. Craftsman architecture, Tudors, and beautiful townhomes create the picturesque appearance of Lakewood, while its lush parks and wide-open blue skies render each day living here a delight. Weave in several of Dallas’s finest restaurants and one of the highest-ranked elementary schools in the city, and you have the makings of a true winner.
If you have recently chosen to move to Lakewood, these are probably just a few reasons you’ve elected to relocate to this pristine and graceful neighborhood. You may be less certain about how to make the move as smooth and effortless as possible. Read on for The B.A.R. Group real estate agents’ leading tips on simplifying your relocation.

Work with a dedicated, enthusiastic local realtor

Properties in Lakewood are some of the most coveted in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolis. With homes ranging from stunning contemporary condominiums to spacious single-family homes on generous lots, the neighborhood has an excellent range of real estate options. A terrific Lakewood realtor who knows the region well will steer you toward Lakewood homes for sale that align with every one of your needs and wishes. Their in-depth knowledge of the market and its trends will also help ensure you time your search and purchase just right.

Find your ideal neighborhood and put in an offer

From Tudor-esque mansions to cottages that date to the 19th and 20th centuries, Lakewood has a vast collection of residences to suit your desires. Aside from hiring a real estate agent, discovering the right neighborhood is one of the most important steps toward finding the home that will suit you and your family best. Three of the greater Lakewood region’s most popular subdivisions include Ridgewood Park, Lower Greenville, and Lakewood Proper.
Our advice is to explore each one and consider their proximity to the places you’ll frequent, from the school you’ll be enrolling your children into your office or the nearest place of passion (such as a yoga studio or the first-rate Lakewood Country Club). Once you have found just the right spot, put in an offer. Fortunately for buyers, we’ve been trending away from the bidding wars and above-listing offers that characterized the last two years. After your offer is accepted, it’s official: you’ll soon be an incredibly lucky Lakewood resident.

Assess your belongings

Moving is an exhilarating time in more ways than one: Not only will it introduce you to an exciting new group of places and people, but it also presents you with the opportunity to start fresh. As you pack up your present residence, use this time to evaluate your possessions with a slightly objective eye. What will complement your new home, and what will be at odds with its aesthetics? What have you been holding onto for years that is no longer needed? Toss what’s not worth saving, donate what is, and sell the more valuable pieces that will not be joining you on your relocation.

Handle the logistics

To make sure your move is one of ease, cancel your present subscriptions — magazines, your daily paper, wifi, cable, and more. Likewise, set up the same services at your new Lakewood residence. Arrange for movers, and use the time between the moment the items are moved out of your current house and your relocation to Lakewood to spend time at a charming inn or bed and breakfast. It’ll refresh you and prepare you well for the next steps ahead.

Establish your key connections

If you work with an excellent real estate agent, they will arrive well-equipped with recommendations for all you will need to establish yourself in Lakewood. A contractor for any renovations you’ve chosen to make, a handyman for smaller issues, a housecleaner, a landscape artist, the top doctor in town, Lakewood’s leading dentist, dog walkers, and pet sitters — real estate agents are often treasure troves of vital recommendations.

Engage the services of a leading interior designer

You may have saved several solid pieces from your last residence and have a general idea of how you would like them arranged, but hiring a top interior designer will help transform your house into a home — and make it look extraordinary. Should you choose to work with a quality Lakewood real estate agent, they’ll introduce you to a designer who shares your aesthetics but can uplevel it at the same time.

Find your niche

As thrilling as moving may be, particularly when it’s to a place as glorious as Lakewood, it also arrives with the challenge of meeting new people. Unless you already have a network in place in Dallas, you’ll likely want to stretch your social muscles. Luckily for you, Lakewood brims with places to meet wonderful, like-minded people. Yoga aficionados will be delighted with the range of classes at Hotworx and are nearly guaranteed to meet their people at one of their hot pilates, bar none, yoga, or HIIT sessions.
The Bodega Wine Bar will give you the chance to explore a wide variety of carefully curated wines from around the world, while its cozy, inviting space is super-conducive to striking up conversations with your Lakewood neighbors. White Rock Lake offers a variety of trails to walk or hike and offers prime opportunities to meet other outdoorsy types. In other words? The warm, welcoming neighborhood offers one chance after another to start building a thriving social circle.

Dedicate your free time to finding your favorite haunts

Nip homesickness for your last place of residence in the bud by discovering your new go-to spots around the neighborhood. For some, this may mean establishing a favorite restaurant, such as The Heights or Sa Sa Sushi; for others, it might mean finding a serene nook at Buzz and Bustle, where you can sip on a seasonal espresso drink and enjoy the company of others. For others, it may still translate to a trail or picnic spot in Lakewood Park. The point is to embrace all that Lakewood has to offer–and start savoring your life here in style.

Have the Lakewood life of your dreams — work with The B.A.R. Group

Planning to relocate to this lovely Dallas neighborhood? The B.A.R. Group will simplify and energize your relocation. Their collective and extensive experience with Lakewood homes for sale on the market will facilitate finding — and loving — the perfect place to call home.

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